My 100 Days Of Code Experience

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This is it! Today is Day 100 of my 100 Days of Code challenge. It is incredible to think of how quickly those 100 days seemed to fly by. The experience was great, for sure - though honestly I'm not sure how different it would be from my normal day-to-day routine. It seems like a worthwhile endeavour to deep-dive into the experience, so here we go!


One very large positive aspect of this challenge was the accountability. Writing tweets about what I accomplished each day required me to really stop and think about my level of productivity. There were days where I felt like I accomplished absolutely nothing, only to realise that I actually did quite a bit (and promptly forgot). Other days, too, where I thought I was on top of it but actually spent most of the time faffing about.


Twitter is plagued with bot accounts. There seems to be a bot for everything. During my challenge, learning how to use #hashtags meant encountering a few of those bots. I would post a #100DaysOfCode tweet and usually 4 bots would retweet it. Next thing I knew, I was getting likes and follows and all that usual social media jazz. A good opportunity to meet and interact with other developers.


The event did provide some additional structure to my routine. When I completed a task or project, I could add it to my tweet drafts for the day (I even learned how to thread tweets!). This was incredibly helpful when I had to interrupt my flow and take care of some meat-space tasks - referencing the draft was like referencing notes so I could keep track of what I was working on before I walked away.

Writing Skill

Because of the limits of Twitter, I had to learn how to say a lot in a little text. It was tricky, but I think I've figured out the balance between verbosity and conciseness. This challenge has forced me to really think about what information is relevant, and what information is just superficial fluff.

What's Next?

I suppose I could start Round 2, but to be honest I am not sure I want to. The challenge was definitely enjoyable, and offered a few benefits, but at the same time - like my blog posts, making the tweets a requirement also diminished the fun. I might, instead, write tweets as I feel like doing so. Regardless, I'll take a couple of days to contemplate before deciding.

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